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Jaw functionality has a huge impact on our everyday lives. From chewing to speaking to even smiling, our jaw is one of the most important parts of our bodies. Issues with the jaw affect many people, and at some points, finding relief might feel hopeless, especially if you’ve tried every non-surgical option under the sun. We’re proud to offer jaw surgery at TruForm Surgery as an option for people who are seeking relief from continued jaw problems. If this sounds like you, keep reading to learn more about jaw surgery and how it might help you.

What Is Jaw Surgery?

Jaw surgery is also referred to as “orthognathic surgery,” and it allows us to address issues with damage or irregularity in the jaw, including misalignment. Issues with the jaw can cause a variety of debilitating symptoms, including difficulty eating and talking, tooth problems, asymmetry of the face, and difficulty sleeping. Jaw surgery is a powerful method of addressing the root cause of these problems, providing patients with much-needed relief and confidence.

Adam Eidson, DDS, FACS

Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

As a top Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, he’s board-certified and a Fellow of leading surgical associations. Co-founder of TruForm Surgery, Dr. Eidson, a Grand Haven, Michigan native, served as a Major in the US Army, specializing in jaw disorders and trauma cases. With a Dental Surgery degree from the University of Michigan, he brings a simple, compassionate approach to oral and maxillofacial health.

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Who Is a Candidate for Jaw Surgery?

Not everyone will be an ideal fit for jaw surgery. It’s normally best for people whose jaws are fully grown and who are dealing with significant and continuous issues related to the jaw. Ideal patients take their overall health seriously and are willing to stop smoking if they are already, especially during the healing process and the time leading up to the procedure. Candidates should also be ready to have an open and honest discussion with us about medication use, medical history, and expectations. This allows us to make sure that jaw surgery is the best option for you.

What to Expect During a Jaw Surgery Procedure   

We’ll give you thorough instructions on how to prepare before the procedure. In many cases, you’ll need to wear braces for at least one year to make sure that your teeth are aligned. Before the surgery itself, we’ll likely ask you to stop using certain medications, particularly blood thinners. You should also have someone ready to drive you home and take care of you when you’re released. Patients usually need to stay for at least a couple of days to be monitored and to receive care.

Once you’re asleep, we’ll start the procedure by making incisions that expose the jawbone, allowing us to reposition them so they’re aligned. We’ll secure the new placement with small devices that can fuse with your natural bone structure as you heal.

Jaw Surgery Aftercare

After you’re discharged, make sure someone is ready to stay with you for the first few days at home. We’ll give you a comprehensive plan so you’re ready to tackle your at-home recovery period and enjoy your results quickly. You’ll need to avoid solid foods for several days, and you’ll need to stick to soft foods for several weeks. We’ll talk about how to clean the affected area. We might prescribe you an antibiotic and/or pain medication to make sure your recovery is smooth. The jaw can take up to one year to heal completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is jaw surgery a serious surgery?

Jaw surgery is major and can impact your life for months. Knowing what to expect from jaw surgery beforehand is essential, so talk to a dental professional.

Jaw surgery is major and can impact your life for months. Knowing what to expect from jaw surgery beforehand is essential, so talk to a dental professional.

Most patients recover at home for many weeks after jaw surgery. It may take up to a year for your jaw to fully heal.

What are the advantages of jaw surgery?

This surgical procedure can solve issues caused by out-of-line upper and lower jaws. This treatment is a secondary option if orthodontic treatment has not been beneficial to your jaw issue.

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We understand how devastating jaw issues can be, and how little this is talked about. We want you to know that, at TruForm Surgery, we see you. If you want to learn more about jaw surgery or other options, contact us today at our office in Brighton, MI.

What Our Patients Say


I had two children get their wisdom teeth out in a weeks time. Both times the secretaries were extremely helpful. The dental assistants were amazing in the way they cared for my kids and were very informative. Dr. Eidson did a great job making sure we knew what was going to happen and what to expect. The incisions seemed to be really clean. He also popped his head out the door as we were leaving to make sure we knew how he thought it went and to let us know if we need anything to contact them.

-Jill C

From the first encounter with the secretary at the desk, to the surgical assistant, who got me to relax, everyone was wonderful. The Dr spent time talking to me and explaining what he had to do. Practically pain free experience! Very nice and calming people. Just what I needed for my extraction. I hope other dentists see this and send their patients to TruForm. Kindness is so important and this practice adds knowledge to make an extraction of a molar an easy experience.

-Ellen G

My son had his 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Adam Eidson and his caring team. He was anxious about the surgery, but they made him feel very safe and comfortable. Today he has minimal soreness and minor swelling. The entire process was a very positive experience for him. I would highly recommend Truform Surgery to any of my friends or family.

-David A

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